Ditch That Thinking

Create a new story for yourself.

Imagine this – a life where you don’t question your decisions, a life with no second guessing.  No wondering whether you’re doing the right thing.  One where you just GET STUFF DONE.  You trust your intuition as a parent and are confident in your decisions.  You no longer have to ask 800 people or check a Facebook forum for validation.  You don’t care what the new fad is or how something worked for someone else’s kid.  This is your kid and you know what needs to be done.

How would that feel to be THIS parent?

“Susan Ramos has had a huge impact on not only my life, but my relationship with my husband, my clients & my business. She truly takes listening to an entire new level, no one has ever spent the time or energy to truly understand what happens in my life – I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

She has inspired me to take a huge risks in both life & business & is always reminding me to “Go for it”. Not only is Susan kind, but to be honest…she’s blunt. She tells me like it is — and that’s exactly what I need in a coach. To remind me to get off the couch, to have those difficult conversations, and to take care of myself! I know Susan’s programs are created for ME, for the woman who wants to learn about herself, who wants to feel confident, and who wants to really get rid of the chaos of day to day life.

I am so grateful to have coached Susan & to have been coached by her. Her passion for life coaching shines through her posts, her conversations & inspires my day to day life – thank you Susan for helping me through some of the most challenge moments in my life.” Megan Lockhart, CEO of www.hellolifestudio.com

Ways to Work With Me

One on One Coaching

Here it is, you and me via Skype, phone (if you’re close by we can even do it in person). We create your plan specifically for you. 

Group Coaching

The Ditch That Thinking group coaching program is coming soon!  More details to follow.

The Community

I facilitate interactive workshops for all ages.  Check out some of my workshops here (coming soon!)

Latest on the Blog

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Haven’t You Ever Seen a Kid with Holes in his Shirt?

He started out innocently enough when he was little and started to chew his shirts. Some days there would be just little chew marks with this little dried “crunchy” spot by the collar. Other days he would come home from school and look like he was in a fight and half his collar would be ripped straight off his shirt. It would make me nuts.

Are your Priorities in the Right Place?

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