Are your Priorities in the Right Place?

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Take a look around right now.  What are you doing?  Are you doing something that is in line with your priorities?

So many of us claim to have priorities – our family, our businesses, ourselves..

But how many of us are honoring them?

I used to blow off things I put on my calendar as to-dos all the time.  Instead I would look around and see piles of dishes or that blue light on the dishwasher tormenting me by letting my OCD side know that it was ready to be emptied.  So off to empty the dishwasher I would go!  While I was there I’m sure there was something for me to throw out in the fridge because garbage day was coming.  Off to the fridge I went and before you know it, it would be time to get the boys off the bus.  No reason to start that to-do list now, I wouldn’t be able to get much done.

What I never realized was that I was telling myself on a subconscious level that my things weren’t important.

Why was I not honoring appointments with myself just as I do with a client?  Because I was letting laundry and dishes mean something.  Sounds silly right?  That’s exactly what I was doing though.  That laundry and those dishes ultimately meant I was not a good mom/wife.

Instead of building my business and writing blog posts and marketing plans, I was totally blowing myself off and didn’t even realize it because I was trying to be a superwoman/mom/wife/coach.  Yes, my #1 priority was (is) my family but SPENDING TIME with them was the priority, not doing dishes for them while blowing my business off.  What I was doing was letting my thoughts about these things get in my way. Thoughts like “what kind of mom leaves cereal bowls on the kitchen table long after the kids are off to school?” and “what if I don’t have dinner on the table as soon as everyone comes home?”

So here are some things you can do to start setting yourself straight:

When you have an appointment with yourself, honor it.  If you aren’t taking care of yourself, who will?

The dishes and laundry can wait.  Don’t look at them as evil intruders, trying to distract you. They are neutral – it’s what you are making it mean when you see them sitting there.  Are you making it mean that you aren’t a good wife/mother because there are some dishes on the counter?  If so, STOP.  When you attach thoughts like that to something, it’s not useful.  Laundry and dishes cannot ever make you a bad person.  (at least I’ve never heard of that, have you?? ;P )

Dinner – you will get to it.  You know you will.  You wouldn’t let everyone starve, would you? I’m pretty sure they know you wouldn’t either. If it’s a little late SO WHAT?

Stop putting yourself to the curb because of your thoughts and misconceptions.  If you are having trouble with this, set up some time with me for a free mini-session and we can talk!


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